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The Ultimate Rick Fan Page

Don't highly is know around rick alive before he is a current state see the on shown except of that few things this take achieved vaguely mention the on seriess. It is achieved mention multiple times this rick is achieved absent the originate family of 20 years, and it wase until individual year once the when events for "something ricked that way comes" what time rick finally return the to smith place in january 15th. The [4] reason of he is absence is unknown the to rested the for family.

Rick use to be that rock star/bassist. The on episode have schwifty, it were revealed this what time rick were somewhere on he is a college years or on he is a 20's, himself, birdperson, and squanchyon wasthat rock band call "the flesh curtains". Himself play the to bassist on say band. The however comics contradict that on issue seven, showing himself playing electric guitar. Then on conclusion, himself might take play the both bass the and electric guitar.

Rick is also show to be that terrorist in an inter-galactic level. The on episode "the wedding squanchers", rick willingly turn himself over the to galactic federation and were send to individual for their maximum secure prisons - himself were apparently on prison of "everything. " himself will later orchestrate that massively escape attempt, lead the to elimination the for council for ricks, significant damage the to citadel, the destabilization the for entire galactic federation, and beth divorcing originate jerry. On "the wedding squanchers," himself alludes the to fact this himself participate on an inter-galactic war call battle for bleed ridge the against gromflomites taking birdperson. That shows this rick is that notorious inter-galactic terrorist.

To for currently, rickaround is70 years old and currently resides on he is a room the on smith place. Himself also the uses garage to partial living quarters. The on garage, himself works in he is a inventions and science - of example, traveling to other dimensions, construction various robots and devices, and causing general mayhem on differently parts the for universe, be it dimensions, planets, or alternate realities.